Eazy Priest real names Wirdze Ernest Nsoseka is a Cameroonian hip hop rapper and artist.
He comes from the North West Region of the country, a native from the Nso tribe. His love for music started from childhood drawing inspiration from mostly old school icons like Nas, AZ, Eazy-E,and also from the famous hip hop group in hip hop the wu tang clan.
He is well known for his powerful punch lines and constructive lyrics. He paints a picture so well with lyrics, no doubt some call him the rap genius. Since high school, he has been an outstanding MC outshining his rivals when it comes to rap battles and freestlyes.
After completing his high school, he got matriculated in the University of Yaounde 2 Soa.. He has been working underground making a lot of songs like No Gutz, No Glory, Hell of a nite, hustlers ambitions, just to mention a few.
Of course good music deserves to be heard, so he decided to come into the hip hop scene of Cameroon with his new sensational hit and single AKEMA,meaning 'is it mine?'
In this song he blends the English language with his dialect 'lamnso' genuinely to give us this incredible song, which is a sizzling song to hit every club and it gives a new phase in Cameroon hip hop scene.
In this song he explains the need to believe in yourself and follow your dreams by taking positive actions no matter the obstacles. #goGetIt.

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